Shhhh! It’s a secret…

I recently went on a hunt to find Liverpool’s newest secret cocktail bar.

Brought to Liverpool from the founders of Washhouse in Manchester, Ex-Directory is based around a hidden red telephone box. Guests are given the mission of cracking the code via to make a reservation. Without a booking, the telephone box will refuse you entry.

Feeling rather pleased with myself that I’d actually managed to decipher the code, I phoned to secure a table and asked the hostess how to find the bar. “Sorry I can’t tell you, just look for the red telephone box hidden away somewhere in the city centre”… 

The night of our booking arrived and we set off to find the bar, confident that we knew roughly where it was. Nearly half-an-hour later, completely lost, and about to give up hope of finding it in time, we noticed a stylish group of people scurrying up an alleyway trying to look inconspicuous. Unbeknown to them, we followed them and were eventually led to a big red telephone box. We entered the code and the back of the box opened to allow us entry.

Source: Ex-Directory

A hostess met us at the door downstairs. She led us to our table and explained that it’s a seated only table service. We were given a detailed menu of every cocktail imaginable and began by ordering a Little Fluffi Clouds containing Portobello Road gin, limoncello & fresh raspberries topped with cream soda and candy-floss and a Man From Del Monte Daiquiri which had Reg Leg spiced rum, Aperol and Blossoms Mango syrup with fresh banana, pineapple and Fizz Wiz popping candy. We then ordered Two Little Ducks to share, an impressive cocktail of Portobello Road gin & violet with lavender bath bubbles served in a miniature bath with two little ducks. 

All orders are taken on an iPad which is then relayed to the bartenders making the various concoctions. Although slightly more expensive than other bars in the city, the cocktails are bespoke and are made using premium products. 

Ex-Directory is more than a cocktail bar, it is a truly unique sensory experience, something different and completely exclusive. 

The bar is open Wednesday to Sunday. It’s wise to book in advance, if you can crack the code…


Ex-Directory, Somewhere in Liverpool