Show Dry

Last weekend I travelled to Newcastle to meet up with my girlfriends from University. Since we all live so far apart we only manage to meet up occasionally which means, when we do, we tend to indulge ourselves with pampering, gossiping and cocktails!

We met in the Metro Centre where two of my friends had booked in with MAC to have their make-up done. I decided to pop over to Show Dry to have a wash and blow ready for our Saturday night out. 

Show Dry is a new chain of bars offering luxury blow dries. It’s founder, Tamara Ecclestone, was influenced to open a chain of blow dry bars following her frequent trips to America where they are common place. The idea is that you pop in for a quick 30 minute hair fix mid-shopping trip or in advance of a night out, speed is key! 

The interiors are stunning, all rose gold and black. There is a no clutter rule with some of the larger Show Dry bars having iPads for customers to browse magazines rather than having hardcopies taking up space. 

When I arrived I was greeted by head stylist Marie who, as well as being lovely, had noticeably glossy, bouncy hair. I opted for the Signature Blow Dry, which at £25 promised to be “dramatic, volumised and eternally glamorous”. It began with a shampoo and condition in a sink tucked away from the view. Marie told me that there are plans to launch a shampoo and conditioner but for now the brand’s focus is on repairing and volumising styling products.

The full range of Show Beauty products were on display and are beautifully designed, in silver, rose gold and black bottles to match the interior. They would look great on show in a bathroom. 

I then had some Thermal Protect spray and Pure Treatment Oil put on my hair in preparation for the heat before Marie began to blow dry in six sections. Usually my hair wouldn’t take to any form of oil since it’s so fine. However only a tiny amount was used on the ends which added such a shine and left it feeling like silk. So good I purchased the oil to take home with me. 

Source: Show Dry

Marie also used a volume spray before she began drying. The products all smell gorgeous, without the usual chemical smell. There is a hair fragrance included in the range which consists of rose water with hints of coconut milk, caramel, almond butter and Madagascan vanilla. Good enough to eat. It’s no surprise that the inspiration behind the scent is Crème Brulee, Tamara’s favourite dessert.

I’ve had a blow dry before which left my hair frazzled from the heat but this didn’t, I put this down to the high quality products used. They aren’t cheap but the proof is in the pudding (ahem!). I left with my hair in better condition than when I arrived. Since I was going out that night and my poker straight hair usually doesn’t hold curls very well, I asked Marie to also add in some extra curls with straighteners. I left with the bounciest hair which lasted all night. 

There are currently 12 bars nationwide but the brand is expanding rapidly, I’m hoping Show Dry opens in Liverpool soon.

Appointments can be booked via the Show Dry app or online at