Charlotte Tilbury Skincare Review

In March I met celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury. You can read more here. I left our meeting with lots of goodies to try but wanted to spend some time using each of the products before I reviewed them. 

I’ve split the reviews into skincare and makeup. Skincare first…

Charlotte’s Magic Cream (£70.00) - For over 20 years Charlotte mixed her own age-defying potion for supermodels and celebrities. It became known in the industry as “Charlotte’s Magic Cream”. It’s a secret mix of anti-age ingredients which are now packaged in a gorgeous vintage style pot for us ordinary folk to buy. The cream itself is very moisturising but settles into the skin without leaving any greasiness, giving a light dewy finish. Would I buy this product? Yes. It really suits my skin which is very sensitive and my makeup sits really nicely on top of it. I’ve received lots of compliments recently about my makeup but I actually think it’s largely down to this product. Although it is on the pricey side, I think it is worth the investment. I’ve been using it now for about two months and am still only half way through the pot. It gives my dehydrated skin a real glow and is the perfect base for my foundation. It also contains SPF which is important in a day-cream!

Magic Night Rescue Cream (£100.00) - This is a really rich luxurious night cream, it feeds your skin overnight with a mix of 8 ingredients, including Winter Daphne Stem Cell Extract and Time-Released Retinol. Would I buy this product? Probably not. It did leave my skin lovely and moisturised but I found it a bit too heavy to put on just before bed (most of it ended up on my pillow which, at £100.00 a pop, is a bit of a waste). I probably should have applied it earlier in the evening to allow it plenty of time to settle in before going to bed but, realistically, I’m not disciplined enough to take my makeup off when I first get home from work. I‘ve still got most of the pot left which I’m going to keep using as a moisturising treatment for whenever my skin feels dry. When I met Charlotte she applied the cream to one of my hands and there was a clear difference when compared to my other hand, so I can definitely attest that it works but, for me, I’d rather use the Magic day cream as a moisturiser. 

Magic Eye Rescue (£40.00) - This claims to reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark circles, smooth crow’s feet, minimise fine lines and re-energise the delicate under eye area. It’s a rich moisturiser which is really refreshing when patted onto the skin. Would I buy this product? Yes. You only have to apply a tiny amount, a little goes a long way so the price doesn’t concern me. I’ve noticed a difference in my under-eye concealer when using this product underneath first. My concealer no longer dries out and creases after a few hours of wear. 

* The above three products can be purchased together as the Magic Skin Trilogy for £195.00

Multi-Miracle Glow (£45.00) - This product comes in a huge pot. It can be used in several ways, either as a cleanser, a mask or a balm. It’s like a gel but is very light on the skin and absorbs nicely. I use it mostly as a cleanser to remove my makeup at the end of each day and it leaves my skin lovely and soft. It has Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil and Cranberry Seed Oil which are anti-oxidant pure oils to moisturise the skin. It also had extracts of frangipani flower to soothe and purify dirt and makeup. Vitamins A, C and E also feature to smooth wrinkles. Basically a wonder product! Would I buy this product? Yes. It’s a gorgeous product to have on display in my bathroom with its rose gold lid and a real treat to use at the end of each day and for the size of the pot I think it’s good value.

Goddess Skin Clay Mask (£45.00) - This mask is based on an ancient Mediterranean beauty recipe, which combines nutrient-rich Spanish clay with Sweet Almond Oil. Would I buy this product? Yes. Unlike other clay masks this one does not dry out and harden. I use it a couple of times a week and my skin looks much brighter afterwards. 

Lip Magic (£25.00) - A soothing lip balm to moisturise and plump the lips. Unlike other balms I’ve used, this works well with lipstick applied on top as it isn’t too greasy. I have actually been using this for daytime with a Charlotte Tilbury lip-pencil and they work really nicely together. Would I buy this product? Probably not. Shortly before I got this I purchased a Chanel lip balm which comes in bullet form, like a lipstick. I prefer this rather than having to put my finger in the pot, which is more hygienic. I’d definitely buy it again if it came in bullet form though as I really like the texture although I think £25.00 is a bit steep for a lip balm.  

Supermodel Body (£45.00) When I met Charlotte she called thisGisele in a tube”. It is a shimmery product to sculpt your limbs. It has a roll on metal applicator which makes it really easy to highlight down the centre of legs and arms. Would I buy this product? I used this when I was in Portugal recently and it was an ideal product to have on holiday to apply in the evenings and the scent wasn’t unpleasant like a lot of tanning products. I’d definitely buy to use on holiday again but probably wouldn’t buy it for every day use. 

Take It All Off Eye Make Up Remover (£24.00) - An oil-rich cleanser, enriched with soothing organic cornflower water and regenerating Veronica Extract. Two pumps onto a cotton pad removes makeup while also caring for and replenishing the eyes. Would I buy this product? Yes. It removes makeup quickly if you apply it to a warm damp cotton pad and hold it against your eyes for 10 seconds. Makeup comes off with one swipe so no rubbing the delicate eye area. I also like the pump action which makes it really easy to use. 

The Charlotte Tilbury makeup review will follow soon…..

Cocktail Saturdays was a guest of Charlotte Tilbury and was gifted the above products to review.